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I have an Etsy store, where you can see my collars and other items. I do not have everything listed in my store and if there is anything that you see and would like in a different fabric or width, feel free to contact me at mtillie at My etsy store is:

I also take custom requests!! I will be adding additional items as I make them. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my store or any of my products (mtillie at ).

My name is Mary and I have a passion for dogs.  I think, eat and sleep dogs. I love sharing my experiences and my collars with anyone who will listen. I have an Etsy store that you can purchase my collars:  Remember there are no shipping charges ever.

This site is the realization of a dream come true due to the special love of a little monkey-faced dog named Oz (Princess Ozma). Because of Oz, I now make martingale collars, hand painted glassware (tea lamps, vases, wine glasses), crystals,  magnetic bracelets (human) and magnetic collars (dog). I’ll tell you more about the collars later, but first let me tell you about my Oz.  

In 2005 I received Oz through Affenpinscher Rescue, an organization of volunteers from across the country who are dedicated to helping Affenpinschers in need.  Oz was saved from a puppy mill in Oklahoma where she was used as breeding stock.  Yes, I rescued her, but she owned my heart. Her courage and zest for life were contagious, and she become a truly fabulous dog!  And I attribute some of that to martingale collars.  Unfortunately, Oz died in August 2016.  I am continuing her legacy by continuing to make martingale collars.  She has impacted so many people and dogs by my sharing her story!  She truly was an ambassador for Affenpinschers and my collars.  I miss her so, but I have one Affenpinscher named Dexon.

Martingale collars (also known as Greyhound or Humane Choke Collars) were designed for dogs called sight hounds. These dogs have necks larger than their heads causing them to easily slip out of a traditional collar.  Martingale collars are preferred because they do not damage the fur and will not crush the dog’s trachea when given a correction. Many trainers recommend martingale collars because they prefer the collar’s gentle choke over the choke chain.

Although Oz is not a sight hound, she needed a martingale collar because of her way of slipping out (shark spin) of regular collars. Because I couldn't find one, I started to make them.

My collars are made in all sizes—from extra small (9 to 12 inches) to extra large (20 to 29 inches). I also use a variety of fabrics from which you can choose. However, if I don’t have what you’re looking for, you can email me with a specific fabric design, and I will customize it for you. My email address is mtillie at